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The most austere room is transformed into an ode to beauty and craftsmanship, thanks to the romantic curved sides of the Opera sideboard. Only the skilled hands of skilled cabinetmakers are capable of shaping Canaletto walnut wood.

The warm LED light inserted into the base of the Opera sideboard is an optional extra that adds personality to dining. The clear glass legs seem to make it float, lightening the important canaletto walnut frame.

L’ambiente più austero si trasforma in un’ode alla bellezza e all’artigianalità, grazie ai romantici fianchi curvi della credenza Opera. Solo le sapienti mani di abili ebanisti sono capaci di plasmare il legno di noce Canaletto.

Delicate and suave. The Opera sideboard combines materials and shades into a single design element. The thin ceramic top, with precious veins, gives light and brilliance to the composition.

Also available in Canaletto Cioccolato finish, the Opera sideboard with characteristic curved side catches the eye with its sinuous elegance. The delicate silhouette combines form and function, an emblem of design.

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Opera sideboard